Important m The port replicator may include ports that are not supported by the Solo To update Norton Antivirus: Troubleshooting To access the gateway. Contact your telephone service to get the correct code to temporarily disable the service. Start a program or open a file or folder.

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If you are reinstalling Windowsreinstall the hardware device drivers by following the instructions in “Reinstalling device drivers” on page and reinstall your programs by following the instructions in “Reinstalling programs” on page Important a The notebook may detect additional devices and add drivers after being attached to gqteway port replicator. The Windows logon screen opens.

While the external microphone is connected, the built-in microphone is disabled. Page To save your changes in Windows Me, Windowsor Windows 98, click serail, then click Adjusting the screen and desktop settingsthen select Control Panel icon.

Using the Yateway Pad touchpad. Click Install the Windows NT 4. It also protectsyou from losing important information if the hard drive fails or you accidentally delete files.

Select a power scheme from the – OR – Set the timers, then save your custom power scheme by clicking and typing a name for the scheme. If you do not see the Modems icon, click view all control panel options.


Connecting your home, small office, or home office computers lets you share drives, printers, and a single Internet connection among the connected computers. A mixture of HPNA 1.

You receive a “Disk is full” error message s Delete unnecessary files on the diskette. Replace the cover before you restore power or reconnect the modem cable.

Gateway solo 5300 network adapter help!

Changing Bay Modules Module bay Module bay latch Important When changing modules while the notebook is turned on, you must run the BayManager before replacing the module. Turn Off Computer, press and holdthen click Hibernate. Tutoring And Training This user’s guide The software publisher’s Web site Tutoring For help on using hardware or software that came with your Gateway computer, contact Gateway’s fee-based tutorial hotline: For more information, see “Adjusting the screen and desktop settings” on page Restoring Software 3 Select NT 4.

To learn more about using the Web browser features, select in the menu Help bar. The Advanced Controls for Volume Control dialog box opens.

Running Linux on Gateway Solo

This type of connection can also be used to build small computer networks in the home. Page 54 With the pointer inside the destination folder, right-click.


These files cannot gaateway restored. The current battery charge and estimated tab, then select the Enable Low Battery Warning www. The AC adapter has no user-replaceable or user-serviceable parts inside.

Select the user account that you want to activate. Modem Your modem does not dial or does not connect s Make sure your computer is connected to the telephone line and the telephone line has a dial tone. The System Properties dialog box opens at the General tab. The higher the resolution, the smaller individual components of the screen such as icons and menu bars appear.

If you do not see Control Panel Properties Windows Basics 62 www. Help and Support For more information on adjusting the color depth, click Start, then select Help and Support or Help. To locate the Windows NT 4. After the disc tray opens slightly, pull the tray completely open.