To change quantity, add 1 to the number of sets you want to make. Memory Full Procedure 3. Account Name Account Limit: If this happens, a screen such as the one below is displayed. The number of copies counted for each account can be reset, and all details set to each account can be deleted in a single operation. Select Exit to exit the System Administration Mode.

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When pulling out the extension flap, do it gently. The Account Billing Meter feature only allows confirmation of the accounts currently recognized by entering passwords or account numbers. Copy Mode Settings The section describes Copy Mode Settings the setup item for specifications relating to copy features like defaults when making copies and control operations.

The following items are printed on Meter Reports: Sometimes, I see also error code, like on this thread: Auto Job Release Set to release the current job to enable execution of the next job when an unusual condition docu- ment jam, paper jam, etc.

If you make multiple copies when the Build Job feature is set, a sample copy is printed out beforehand so that you can confirm the final output state of the copy.

White or color The drum cartridge is depleted or Stapler Faults Stapler Faults This section describes how to remedy stapler faults. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



Paper Tray – 2nd to 4th Buttons The 2nd to 4th button from the top downwards can be changed for each of the five feature buttons displayed at Paper Supply in the Basic Copying screen. Format The size judgment method, output size, paper tray, origin, image orientation, N up mode, N up direction, adjust posi- tion, and output color settings are printed.

Salutation must be set when using scanning features. Remove the new drum cartridge from its box, and put the used drum cartridge into the polyethylene bag provided in the package.

Proce- dures for other items also follow the procedure described below. Close the Staple Finisher front cover. Banner Sheet Tray 1. Copying certain documents may be illegal in your country. When making cop- ies on non-standard size paper, the size must be tx. This means that the machine does not emit hazardous laser radiation.

Place the document so that the top edge of the document is against the left side of the document glass.

While IPP printing from a certain client is being processed, data can- not be received on the same interface from other clients. Page Confirming the Totals Management Feature You can set whether or not to activate the totals management feature.


Troubleshooting This Chapter describes the actions to take when trouble occurs on this machine. Added Menu Basic Copying Color Space Set the default color space.

Select the Yes button in the confirmation screen. Copy operation control copy settings. You can also set a center margin and output a cover when making booklets.

Fuji Xerox DocumentCentre C400 Series User Manual

Don’t show me this message again. So, do not unplug the power cord from the power outlet immediately after turning the Power switch off. Which print driver are you using? Follow the procedures on the following pages when ppcl are not stapled or when staples are bent.

DriverHive Details for FX DC C PCL Driver

Table Of Contents Contents x Preface Receive Buffer – Parallel Set the receive buffer on the parallel interface. It always seems that they require a lot of tweeking to the options to print correctly. In this example, select 1.