It appears to be pure vector hpgl as expected. Talk to our customers on our Facebook Fans page. Using Unity mode, you almost can’t tell Corel Draw is running in a virtual machine. In case 2 and 3 it looks like when a geometric pen is used the stroke is converted to a path, flattened, then filled. Again, many thanks for your help.

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Jonathan Manton jmanton wrote on Marking as fix committed by lack of user feedback. This will bring up the Epilog printer driver window where you adjust settings. In case 1 it looks like Adobe Reader detects that it is a very thin line and draws the line with a cosmetic pen.

If you had decided that you wanted everything to be written as vector, then you could modify the Python script to force everything to be done as vector output, regardless of the Inkscape stroke width. In each case, start with a very thin cubic Bezier curve. Neither of these are acceptable, so I am going to abandon this line of enquiry which was to modify Inkscape code to do this, and concentrate instead on the Python approach.


I cannot seem to be able to output both with either method. My concern is alignment and scaling.

The FabLab’s Epilog laser-cutter Mini 24″

Bryce Harrington bryce on Download the latest drivers and firmware for your laser system. Check autofocus the first time you print. I tested printing from Inkscape on windows by printing to a file using a driver for a PS printer and using the PDFCreator print driver.

Machine needs to be booted in Linux. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Laser Cutter Tutorial

See full activity log. Any updates would be greatly appreciated. The Bezier curve has been converted to a multi-line with dozens of line segments. Join Date Oct Beans 3.

To give different parts of the drawing different settings make the things different colors in the document. Inkscape resolution is 90 dpi. Reason to do this, a quote from this website, “The Epilog laser lzser comes with a windows printer driver. This should cut on the laser cutter, but instead it is rasterized and etches.

For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. This will print only to the default printer, so you may need to modify the default printer ahead of time. If not, then just launch a terminal and type ‘fab’.


Comment on this change optional. epliog

Epilog Laser Firmware and Driver Downloads

How do I test this? If you have any trouble downloading or installing these files, please call Epilog Technical Support at I can also use the print function to lihux raster via the same VL Advanced driver. The above article mentions some options for using cutters with Inkscape.

Tried it using 0. Alternatively it may be possible to make the cairo win32 printing surface work with cutters by using Cosmetic Pens when the cairo user space to device space transform is a scale transform with the same scale in X and Y.

You should see the path that the machine will do. Find the latest Epilog news on our Facebook Page. Steve Morris stevem57 wrote on