Make sure your Edirol interface is selected under both inputs and outputs. Nothing happens after I connect the firewire cable and turn the unit on. But audio input is a different story with the mainstream PC. On the Front of the FAit also has a high impedance digital jack as well. The manual is complete, a routing Schematic drawing is on top of the machine.

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Edirol FA-101

Yes, my password is: A sample recording is available here. I’ve tried using the “Add New Hardware” wizard does that ever work?

Did you find edrol review helpful? Your playback volume or gain is controlled by everything included Track Fader, Send volume if using sends,, Bus Fader,, Main out faders By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

But audio input is a different story with the mainstream PC.

Forget iTuens and get the sound working in soanr first, then you can configure your edirol to play window sounds if you want. We then find the main attraction: Fort Worth, TX Status: Go into the bios and disable the onboard Firewire chipset, deirol then install a stand alone PCI Express Firewire card with a Texas Intruments chipset which will replace the onboard generic card. Essentials Only Full Version. Is ddirol a driver problem?


You can also connect your midi devices to the FAbecause it supports midi in and out. I’ll post back here as soon as I pick my PC up from the shop and try again.

Branch on a black macbook core2duo 2. All of the potentiometers are of the utmost quality; with a rubberized grip and a smooth, steady turn, the FA feels like the stereo of a European car.

The Edirol FA can record 1101 monitor all 10 channels simultaneously in full duplex – phenomenal audio power for the studio musician. All connections are balanced. We also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books 9.

Edirol FAFireWire Audio Interface –

CJay, I went through all the taks you mentioed and completed them, but now I’m having another problem The unit performed flawlessly after hours of non-stop recording. I always get distorted sound with Voice Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Ecirol that’s where I am now. Useful and sound blaster should not be in the same sentence. Most Popular Tags akg-kstudio-headphones audio-technica-ath-ad audio-technica-ath-mstudio-monitor-headphones audio-technica-ath-m50s beyerdynamic-dtproclosed-studio-headphones beyerdynamic-dtstereo-headphones beyerdynamic-dtpremium-headphones beyerdynamic-dtpro-headphones denon-ahdhigh-performance-over-ear-headphones fiio-e11 fiio-e17 fiio-e7-usb-dac-and-portable-headphone-amplifier headphones hifiman-he in-ear over-ear sennheiser sdirol sennheiser-hdheadphones sennheiser-hd sennheiser-hd sennheiser-hdheadphones sennheiser-hdheadphones shure-srh ultrasone-hfi Make sure that switch is in the ON position.


Help With Edirol FA Install | Cakewalk Forums

Setting rdirol the FA is relatively simple with Windows XP; the device itself is automatically detected, and the included CD contains drivers to let the audio device work in ASIO-enabled applications, allowing for the multi-track recording that gives the FA its major appeal. In software like Adobe Audition, each stereo recording track can be armed to use any of these five stereo input channels in parallel. I hear, read on Latency was good between 7 and 9 ms edkrol on the project. I already recorded six tracks simultaneously without a sweat.

Your help is appreciated. If you want to connect an instrument directly, choose another product Sometimes the card is not recognized at once simply the dye and turn and no problem.