It all works really well. Hmmm, you’re setting LATx registers for inputs, and this makes no sense. Anders, Is it possible for you to send me or publish on your website your HAL files. Then comes the servodrive itself. But as soon as I get chance I will make the changes and in the way you have advised. Administrator Post author August 13, at Once set for a particular drive, they should not need to be changed.

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This dervo used to detect seervo and jammed axis or input command conditions beyound the capabilities of the motor. June 24, at Are you using the circuit from the irams datasheet? If anyone has any comments on this I’d be glad to hear them! The servo loop of the drive attempts to keep these 2 numbers as close as possible to each other.

The board is interfaced to the PC through 2 pins of a parallel port.

DC Servo Positioner using 33FJ32GP | Microchip

Wich dslic you like the best. The schematics, PCB, and software for Mk2 of the servodrive will be available when I have had to improve the software to do sinusoidal commutation and test that it really works well with EMC and the Mesa servocard.

On 18F series after so many changes of INT0 external interrupts i start and stop timers and theres no temperature drift at all warming the dapic device up the meaured TMR value is solid and hence freq never drifts with temp. Dear Mike, Thanks for the tip.


Dspic-Servo Project using PIC30F4012 microcontroller

Alex March 22, at Their default state all ZEROs. Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply.

Thanks allot for all the support its working really well now I am so impressed with theses 33F chips incredibly fast compared with 18F parts I am used to working with. The board is interfaced to the PC through 2 pins of a parallel port.

Open Source Controller Boards > dsPic-Servo – Page 3

Another thing I’ve been hooking up to the m5i20 is a jog-pendant. Thank Eervo Anders for usefull info. HiCould you share the filters used in input capture pinsdid you used any Hardware buffers for this. Last edited by ladzhari; at July 3, at The first is the commanded position from the PC, the second is the actual position from the encoder. It’s been a while since my last post.

Project Description

I think all of this stuff is in a single function in the code. The optoisolator boards are fairly simple, I’ll post some details about them when I get the mk2 servodrive working properly – hopefully it won’t take many weeks from now. The way it’s put together should make it really simple to convert, it already does the PWM by itself so it’s just a matter of getting a “direction” signal out of the PIC, coming up with a way to limit the current, and making sure that the deadband operation is OK.

Made some real good progress Dave, some notes, text, and a HAL file for my jogwheel now at: August 13, at There are now two more pics with the schematic and the pcb for the powerstage.


The fault error parameter is used to set the number of counts the servo can depic out of position before the drive gives up and indicates a drive fault. For most operation this number will be set to 1, but if you have trouble reaching the top speed you need from the drive, it may be helpful to set this number to a higher value. On the mk2 board the biggest cap I have on the DC bus is 10 uF and then there are about five caps with about x step down in capacitance for each one.

Last Jump to page: More eyes to check it out especially if you’re going to use VB or another similar package that would be unfamiliar to me. The jog-wheel ofcourse consumes only inputs, 2 for the wheel, 5 for the two selector switches, and 4 for the pushbuttons, that’s 11 in total which still leaves the 8 outputs and 5 inputs free on the header used for the jogwheel.

As long as your servo motor has Hall sensors three TTL signals, either single-ended or differential and vspic quadrature encoder again either single-ended or differentialit should be possible to use this drive. I have been working over the weekend