I used it on an i mini ITX build. Also, that goofy power supply setup made me cringe. Read this post to fix it: Technology, Media and Telecommunications. I tried disabling unplugging the top fan. But note that full-featured versions of the drivers are also freely available from Dell. I found a hose an old CPAP hose and used it to narrow down the noise.

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Its really quite fine in everything except this one: Tue Jun 12, 9: They don’t want me to return it no kidding! Aug 30, Posts: You can have the best HSF ever made inside the case but if it doesn’t have what’s needed to supply and exhaust the air needed hsg cooling it’s a waste of time. But note that full-featured versions of the drivers are also freely available from Dell.

Brand-new Dell XPS noisy turbo-boost; replacement HSF? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Page History Login to edit. Conexant does not provide drivers for Linux, but commercial Linux drivers are available from Linuxant, a separate company. Apparently, with this cooler, there’s still 12mm between the top of the fan and the back-side of the PSU.


Thu Jun 21, 3: Banks and other Financial Institutions. If I decide to go this route, are there any other low-profile HSF that would work in this space? I’m going to try to be home by 5pm tomorrow so they can call me and we can work through this. After a visit by a technician to swap out the PSU which DID solve the “howly” sound, a couple days later the sound is back.

Herbert Smith Freehills use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. Thu Jun 14, It literally howls and unevenly. Note that all this is what I’d hope to avoid having to do troubleshooting when I bought a pre-made PC. Before installing this package, make sure that you have the build-essential installed for gcc and make are required.

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Please see our Cookie Policy for more information about the cookies we use and how to deol them. There’s no room in this thing for a Hyper There’s a Dell community forum post where someone swapped out this crappy HSF with a Scythe Shirken 2 B pardon spelling if its wrong.


Nope and the system nearly had a conniption because of it.

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Jan 22, Posts: Jul 1, Posts: The above didn’t work for me when tested on listed-as-supported Conexant HDA modem. To tide you over, here’s one from the guy who swapped out the HSF: After reading this thread I was curious about the airflow of the Dell case and from what I saw after a web search it’s not very good.

These drivers can be downloaded from the following addresses: Additionally, the kernel headers are also needed, this is the linux-headers package. That sounds suspiciously like the GPU fan ramping up and down during gaming, but if it’s doing it during non-GPU tasks maybe not. Can you post detailed interior shots?

Personally I’d return it if possible and look into getting something with a better design. There’s a review of it at Techpowerup.

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