Search tags for this page. Regardless of club, I was erratic with the longer shafts. The Machspeed Black round leaves the bag tomorrow, which is a shame because it’s a pretty club with a fantastic cover. Callaway FT OptiForce 9. The best way to describe it was dead.

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The G15 cured all that. We take actual images of the item you are buying In case anyone was curious, I wanted to provide a final update to this thread. I expected this to finish 1 and it was 7. Callaway FT9 Tour i-mix May 5, Messages: They rarely even release new clubs.

Model Titleist K, 8. Its Visible Gt-iz Web Weighting system allows stai Aerodynamic Body Design Reduces drag in the downswing for higher impact speeds.

PING G15 Driver VS Callaway FT-iz driver — [email protected] | PRLog

I guess we will see how they ft-izz for me, i’ve only played one round with them so far, but even around the greens chipping, they seem to have much better feel than my pings. Buying format see all. Excellent condition, a tiny bit of the text has worn from clubs coming in and out of the bag however nothing that would affect play. I hit clubs fairly high, particularly off the tee and get little to no roll out.


Callaway FT Tour Driver

I have tried the G and found it to be an amazing driver, very forgiving off the tee. Have not taken one to the range to try out just yet.

Ugly as his predecessor the Dymo2 If you don’t mind, that might be your club. I figured it might be fun for people to try to guess what I ended up with. I always loved the feel and sound of this club and the combination of the triangle head, alignment aid and shorter shaft really gave me confidence at address.

Looking forward to reading the reviews for the rest of the G and i series woods and irons. You should demo the clubs before buying. The new PING-designed TFC Ccallaway high balance point shaft ft-uz for a five gram increase in head mass without increasing swingweight or overall weight which results in higher ball speeds and an increased moment of inertia.

Value Condition – This driver has been played with great fre I expected the G15 to be better based on all my reading.

On the majority of shots hit off the toe of the driver, the ball also lost less than 10 yards of distance and had a hard yet controllable draw. It hits high and long but you can lower the ball flight by changing the ball position a little.


The G15 is different though. I loved the shaft, launch angle and what I found to be a low spin. If I loved in Connecticut, I would come see you.

PING G15 driver versus Callaway FT-iz

If you ftiz this club out to neutralize the face angle, or if you hold it off at impact, it will flare right as others have reported.

You could also try the VR Pro with a px shaft. The G15 just out performs the Super tri. For me, newer isn’t better.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I owned the Rapture and now have the G driver…I highly recomennd it. Wi-GolferFeb 9, I found the internal draw bias of the K15 made it too easy to hit draws and tougher to work a fade.